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Hope & Perspective


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Yes perspective coming from me may seem laughable. But I'm relatively sane sometimes.


1) Former Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer who's Jets coaching I once loathed, is leading a revitalized Seahawks offense. I've begun loathing Gase's offensive coaching similarly. But perhaps once he has more talent to work with particularly at o-line, he too proves competent.

2) Joe Douglas. I think over time, his presence will equate to a perennial Jets contender. Perhaps next year but more likely beginning in 2020 as others have pointed out.


1) As my friend's little league coach told him long ago, after a rough at bat cost his team the game: there's a billion in people in China who just don't care. Same with our Jets plight. 

2) The Jets sucking frees up our Sundays more, as masochism can get old fast.

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