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Forgetting What It's Like Being Good


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BroadwayRay yesterday made a very insightful, thoughtful post reflecting on 40+ years of being a Jets fan: the numerous cycles of new-regime hope, eventually sucking again, then wanting to suck for a high draft pick/fire current regime to hire a new one. And on and on the cycle goes. And how that's an unhealthy, kinda sick existence as a fan. He likened being a Jets fan to a disease.

That post, the Jets' truly pathetic current plight made me realize ... I almost forget what it's like being competitive & relevant on a weekly basis, much less an annual and consistently winning basis.

We've gotten so stuck in this Woody-Christopher Johnson created mire of Idzik-Maccagnan-Bowles-Gase ... it's just man, makes you long for the days of Parcells-Herm-Mangini-early Rex. And as we know there were some clunker years in there too, by what proved to be clunker HCs & GM. But at least it usually only lasted one season. But therein lay a truth many have pointed out: ever since Parcells' imprint on this organization began fading, and the inept Johnson brothers increasingly put their stamp on it: it's gotten continually worse.

Even Rex's early teams bore some of Parcells' imprint - as he recommended Bradway and was instrumental advancing Tannenbaum's career; both GMs' players populated Rex's early teams. I guess you could say Tanny ended up a failure and thus Parcells wasn't infallible, as we know. But to me Bradway's relatively short tenure was as much an incomplete as anything. And that was a decent stretch and Parcells recommended him. Even then, many of the best players on Bradway's teams were hand-picked by Parcells.

It's just, with Parcells' teams and players you at least knew what you were going to get: smart, competitive football basically every game and by the end of the season in the playoff hunt or in the playoffs. But these past 6 years or so it's been the opposite. Never knowing what you're getting any given week, often getting crap, only once sniffing the playoffs in '15.

Why God, why, have we gone through long stretches of such incompetent ownership-leadership through the decades? Is it because as legend has it Namath made a deal with the devil to guarantee his Super Bowl III guarantee?

Joe Douglas, save us. Your resume is better than any GM we've had since Parcells. You mostly came up in Baltimore, followed by Philadelphia, and you're highly regarded in league circles. Please save us, Joe, make us good again. 

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I have faith if Gase is firired and Douglas is allowed to pick his own coach.  If Adam Gase is brought back, we will have another 1-15 season and its kotite all over again.

We must be agents of change.  We cannot rest on on laurels and let people justify adam gase with 500 excuses for why we stink.  he is the reason we stink and hes a disease that is creeping through the franchise.

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I completely agree with both posts.  Great points and well said.

Parcells changed the trajectory of our franchise in such a profound way (Parcells for President of NYJ)?

We need to be incredibly bold and go out and get the best, most established winner we can.  Literally a blank check.  Go offer draft picks if need be but get the HC you need.  It's worth it.

NFL is a coaches league.  You get a good one and chances are you will be good.

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