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First ever NFL end zone dancer, uncle of top prospect....


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Not sure many people here remember this player (I don't), but Elmo Wright of the Kansas City Chiefs is widely noted to be the first player in NFL history to do an end zone dance -- November 1973.

Convential wisdom is the first end zone dancer was Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, who I remember because he played well into the 1980's, but it was Uncle Elmo.

I think the first NFL "spike" after a touchdown came in the 1960's by a New York Giant named Homer Jones. Elmo put the spike and dance together after a TD from Len Dawson.

Anyhow, Elmo Wright's nephew is Texas monster DT Rod Wright, who hopes to be a first round pick.

Just thought some of longtime football (as well as newer ones) would like this story.

Photos and stats of Elmo Wright: http://draftdaddy.com/blog/blog.cfm

Edit: By the way, nice 1971 draft -- some big names there.



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Good stuff R44. Where does the nephew project to get picked?

Thanks, Bitonti is projecting Rod Wright as a #1 pick (24th overall to Cincinnati)...

Sort of a player that never played up to potential....After his sohomore season, some thought he could go top 5 overall, but his numbers plummeted in 2004 and a stagnated in 2005.

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