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My Impression Of Sam - Mental State...


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After watching the last three post game interviews with Sam in combination with his play, I actually see something positive.

Although he is clearly unhappy about how things are going, he is fortunately not honestly blaming himself.  I'm saying this based on what he says and how he says it.  I'm not seeing a shattered and defeated person. I'm seeing and hearing pragmatic fatalism.  He cant say it in plain English, but what he has actually been saying is "we all know we have a bad coach and a bad situation that we can't overcome, but I still have to go through the motions."

Darnold is not destroyed,. He's biding his time along with the rest of the team.

Injuries, opt-outs, lackluster performances... All of it.  

They dont like of believe in Gase and understandably so.

It has even spilled over to the defense.

When you have fans and pundits questioning the ability of a very well proven coach like Gregg Williams, you know things are totally screwed up.

Gase has *INFECTED* the entire team and they all know it.

I think Sam will be OK once Gase is gone because he realized it is not his fault...

The sooner Gase is gone, the sooner they will all start to get better...

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