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Gaze Into The Future


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It seems strange that over the last few weeks calls for Gaze's head have slowed down.  He handed to play calling off to his Guy Friday and things got better for 30 minutes but went back to sh*t shortly thereafter.  Four yards in the second half.  FOUR!  Nonetheless, it was a slick move by Gaze.  It seems even stranger that more and more posters think Gaze will be back next year.  Short of winning four of the last six games, I just don't see how that's even remotely possible.

Mangini was able to draw up magnificent defensive plays on a white board which dazzled Woody.  However, he could not relate to players and couldn't get them to carry out his designs.  Gaze is the offensive version of Mangini.  He drew up masterful plays for Peyton to carry out which he did, mostly because he was Peyton.  I could go on detailing Gaze's positive traits (very few) and his negative ones (he can't relate, motivate or communicate), but the bottom line is he is a terrible coach.  I suspect most NFL insiders are still scratching their heads as to how he got another chance to show how bad of a coach he is.  That catastrophe falls directly on Chris Johnson.  The Johnsons have ruined the Jets brand and it will take a miracle to revive it in my lifetime.  Keeping Gaze will continue to erode the brand to the point of it being totally irredeemable.  

Unless the Jets beat the Chiefs today and win several more games Gaze is gone.  Let us all say, Amen!

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