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Playing the Percentages

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With all these scenarios being discussed, something hit me this morning when thinking about JD going for value:

Is he simply playing the percentages?

Then I started thinking about what that truly means?  Does it mean taking the 1 player with the best chance of becoming a stud at the most important position?  

Or does it mean acquiring more quality picks, so you have a greater chance of 1 or more of them becoming All Pro's?

Either way, it has to come down to a team's ability to properly evaluate the talent.  

But this year, is that much more of a crap shoot than normal, given the circumstances?  So how does that play into these scenarios?

With the limited number of games this year, some players opting out altogether, no combine....how does one properly evaluate the talent available in this draft?  

Do you go for less players, but the ones you take you feel really confident about?  Or do you go for more players, hoping to increase your odds of striking gold?

Whatever happens, I trust Joe D and this staff to put the Jets in the best position to be successful.  We are due for a little bit of luck in the draft, right?

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As far as playing percentages I will quote Colin Cowherd in that 50% of the NFL is made up of undrafted players.

I think sometimes we as fans are spoiled and we don't realize that there are only a few Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady's, Julio Jones's, or Megatron's.

These men are superstars they are the cream of the crop the best of the best. However the rest of the NFL are also All World Athletes. Think about that for a second. You can save the Jets suck, but do definitely realize that all of the guys on our team are the best in the world. At some point in time they were the best in their school or the best in their college or on their pee wee football team. They made it to the NFL. The National Football League think about that.

They all may not be the superstars of the National Football League but they are in a tier of players that are the best in the world at what they do.

So this begs the question is Sam darnold that much better or worse then any of the top-tier quarterbacks coming out in this draft? Obviously that's what you're alluding to.

Talent wise I would consider them all on the same tier there's no real standout. It's a matter of taste or preference in my opinion. The only thing Sam has going against him is that he's going to be due big money much sooner. However he's in the middle as far as his age and in the lead as far as experience.

If you put a gun to my head I would say keep Sam trade down from the second pick get a haul of players in here. Yes Zach Wilson would be splashy, flashy, and new. But new is not always better it's just new.

I think Sam has three years of pissed off frustration and if you put decent players around him in a good scheme he will be laser focused. Pro athletes are competitors way out of the realm of normal people. This is what they've done their whole life. I am extremely positive that Sam is very pissed off right now and wants to redeem himself.

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