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Creative ways to have fun watching Jets

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1. Bet on other team

2. Drink a shot every time we run for no more than 3 yards on first down

3. Smoke a joint every time we give up a 3rd and long.  2 hits every time it’s longer than 3rd and 20

4. Pretend GVR is protecting your arch nemesis and revel when the latter breaks free

5. Wear pants over your head + soundproof earphones.  Eat chicken wings and drink beer through the zipper for 3 hours

6. Pay wife or girlfriend to ‘touch you’ every first down the other team gets

7. Recall the last time you had Kidney Stones and how much better you feel now

8. Play ‘Enter Sandman’ when Jets are in their own third and long, facing an all out blitz

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