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Let's face facts....

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This team was vastly overrated. Even if Rodgers didn't get hurt.

Zach is terrible, yes. No doubt about that. But there are holes everywhere on this team.

The OL can't block. Period. There were no holes open yesterday and while the pass protection was marginally better, there was still lots of pressure. While lots of people want to blame Becton, it looked to me like the AVT was getting beat like a drum.

Even if there were holes, the RBs all look slow to me. Breece hasn't fully recovered yet, I think that's clear. Cook is done, and Carter is just another guy at this stage.

The biggest problem to me is that they have no one to stretch the field. Garrett is a great WR, but no one is worried about him running by a DB. Without the burner, the safeties can play within 10-12 yards of the LOS, jamming everything up. IMHO, if you're not going to play Hardeman, release him (with Cobb right behind him) and start playing Gipson or anyone else with some breakaway speed.

The defense is good, but I still don't see any consistent pressure on the passer. Moseley and Quincy have been good at LB, the rest of them are meh.  I would say that Will McDonald looks like a bust, but I can't since he never plays. Corners are good (even if Sauce doesn't tackle enough) and safeties are ho-hum at best.

Let's not be totally negative. The special teams have been fabulous.

As for coaching.... has there been any?  I have been behind Saleh, but I am not seeing any improvement in these players. Hackett is awful. There are never any changes or adjustments during the game.  Same for JD. The previous draft was fabulous, but this last one looks like a total zero so far. And we don't even have to discuss his FAs... brutal.

Please no more about Wentz or Ryan. Ryan looked like he was 80 years old last year and Wentz is not any better than Zach.

There are no quick fixes here. I can't see them winning more than 3-4 games and that might get everyone fired. Without a miracle punt return and a tremendous outlier game from Whitehead, they would be winless with no light at the end of the tunnel. As it is, it's pretty damn bleak, IMHO

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sorry - this is an awful post.

the line was fine yesterday,  2 sacks given up - wilson saw a ghost and fell on one of them without being touched.  i saw holes watching on TV that RB (*cough COOK *cough) didn't hit.  breece looks fine - he needs the ball more.

if there was even an average QB running the offense yesterday, this is a 10+ point win.

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I honestly don't see what you (OP) sees. I think with Rodgers this is easily a Super Bowl contender and with David Mills this is a playoff team.

The OL needs to be upgraded in the offseason, we need better WR depth, and something needs to be done at TE. Other than that I think we have a very good roster.

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