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OMG…I now understand, and Saleh f’d up royally…


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His big mistake?


beating Buffalo.

and Denver

and Philadelphia 

and the Giants.

you see, the plan was for AR to ride in on his golden horse and save this God forsaken franchise. Only problem? The 39 year old got badly hurt after 4 plays.

Best thing for the Jets on play 5? Lose every single game and draft a  21 or 22 year old version of Aaron Rogers…only our selfish head coach f’d that up and found a way to beat Buffalo.


and Denver

and Philadelphia 

and the Giants…

of course, if we were 0-9 right now, we’d lose 4 more then win 2 of our last 3 to move from picking first to picking second…

I wrote a screen play called ‘The absolutely real, documented history of the New York Jets, in no way edited or altered from what really happened”

It got rejected because they said it was too far fetched, no one would believe it possible.

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