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Leinart Says "Playing in New York would be fun"

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Taken from espn.com

"Editor's note: Former USC QB Matt Leinart will offer ESPN.com an exclusive look into his life in the days and weeks leading up to the NFL draft (April 29-30).

I'm still getting over this cold. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics on Wednesday. I still sound like crap.

My cold was bad on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those were the days that I was struggling. It was hard to sleep, but I already feel a lot better now.

I've been at my parents' house in Orange County. It's so nice. It's a 35-minute drive from my apartment. It gives me a chance to get out of L.A. every once in awhile, relax, and just kind of be normal.

I've taken a couple days off from working out. It's nice to go home, sleep in my bed, and wake up and not have to worry about working out or anything. I like getting up and relaxing all day.

I told you in my last diary that my family went to dinner with some of the Titans coaches Monday night. It was fun. We just talked and got to know each other. I'm already familiar with coach [Norm] Chow (who was my offensive coordinator at USC) and so is my family, so it was more just getting to know the other guys. Coach [Jeff] Fisher wasn't there, but I was with him earlier in the day. It was a way for the Titans to get to know me and get to know my family outside of a football setting.

I just wanted to get a chance to meet [general manager] Floyd Reese. I liked Mr. Reese a lot. I thought he was a great guy. We had a chance to talk for awhile. We both got to know each other better.

I spent almost three hours in a classroom-type atmosphere with Mr. Reese, coach Chow, quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson, receivers coach Ray Sherman, and a few other guys. We talked football, watched film, and went over stuff like that.

They had a private workout for me on the field afterward. It was just throwing. Coach Chow ran it. It was a lot of the same throwing I did on pro day, plus some new stuff as well.

It was way easier than on pro day because of the pressure. It wasn't necessarily the nerves on pro day, but there were thousands of people watching every throw and every move I made. The private workout is still intense because you have to perform, especially since the Titans are a possibility to draft me, but I was way more calm and just myself. I felt like I threw a lot better on Monday than I did on Sunday (at my pro day).

It was a good day. I performed well on and off the field. Now, it's just up to what the Titans decide to do. It's not up to me anymore.

If a team is going to work a player out, they're interested in drafting him. It doesn't matter whether it's me or Vince Young. It means they're in the hunt. After they work out every player and do all of their homework, it's the one that they like the most. That day has not come up yet. The process is still underway. I did all I could for the Titans on a one-on-one basis, on a personal basis, and letting them get to know me as a football player.

Over the next couple weeks, before the draft, we'll get a better idea of what teams are looking for. As of right now, there's really no idea.

Regardless of what team I go to, the transition for me to the NFL will be a little easier than some of the other guys just because of my preparation and what I've accomplished. At USC, I've gone against NFL-style defenses for five years, played with NFL-type players, and backed up Carson Palmer. My preparation will set me apart.

If I were to go to Tennessee, knowing that system already, it would be a great advantage for me. The location would obviously be the opposite of how I was raised, but I think that it would be good to do something new with my life.

I have a private workout with the Jets coming up on April 17 or 18. They've expressed a lot of interest as well. It's just a waiting game. If I were to go to New York, it would be a very similar setting to how I was raised in a big city -- especially the last five years being in L.A., which is a huge media market. New York is probably the biggest media market in the world. I have some good schooling on that part of it. I've been used to playing under pressure the past three years and really my whole life. I think I'd be able to handle that. While the weather may be a difference, I've been there a few times and I love the city.

I just look at the positives of each. You can't really look at the negatives because I have no choice of where I go.

Reporters have recently asked me about the comments I made when asked about the Jets and Joe Namath. I wasn't saying I'm the next Joe Namath. It was taken out of context. I'm not Joe Namath, I'm Matt Leinart. Joe Namath is a legend on the football field and he's a great football player. If I were to go there, I'm not trying to fill in anybody's shoes. I'm just trying to be a QB and to win football games. It's flattering to be mentioned with Joe Namath, but I haven't accomplished anything at the next level. The whole thing got taken out of context. That was how I answered the reporter's question.

I went to a Billy Joel concert at the Staples Center on Wednesday. Billy Joel was rockin'. I went with my family and had a great time. I'm a huge fan. We were all waiting for "Piano Man." It was his last song. He saved the best for last.

I'm going to start working out again on Saturday and Sunday.

I go to Atlanta on Monday.

I have an extremely busy week coming up."

Just throwing it out there


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