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Cedric Hopes To Be The Entertainer For The Jets

Joe Mac

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Good article, thanks for posting it. The RBs are obviously a big question right now.

One of the things that I, as just a fan who goes to camp, cant really gauge is how the RBs will do in real games, since there is no tackling at TC.

Maybe when the hitting starts, Cedric will be the guy to break tackles and get the yardage. While Leon has been looking good in camp, we dont know if he will break tackles and be tough to bring down.

So, i just look at quickness, and getting into the holes if the OL opens them up, and speed around the corner. But there is only so much that TC can indicate.

I like Cedric, and hope he can be good enough to be the workhorse that is needed. It will be interesting to see if jamar plays a lot tomorrow as the lead blocking back, and to see how that affects the running game.

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