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Carlos Zambrano


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Zambrano is pitching like complete S H I T, and is getting away with it so far.

Posada cannot call a good game, I've always said that.

Did Carl Pavano throw an inside fastball that wasn't a strike today? My god, this pitching staff is just scared to throw inside and it's killing them. Its all stottlemyres fault, seriously.

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Yeah this guy is really an awesome pitcher. :shock:



zambrano has filthy stuff. i would take him over pavano any day of the week. the yankees need more live arms like his, mid-90's fastball and a nasty slider.

pavano can't put people away that is his problem. he has to come inside more but either him or posada is scared to go inside. when the yankees signed him i thought he was 93-94 but he barely hits 90. he looks an awful lot like vazquez on the mound, just taller.

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