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Our offseason


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The players to hold on to

Cotch- Can make outstanding catches and has the moves

Harris- The bright spot on this defense Has a great future he's always where the ball is.

Revis- Will only get better and did pretty well against one of the best WR's in the league

Elam- has shown in the past couple of games he can excel in the nfl

Mangold- very strong and is a bright spot on our OL

Brick- is a pretty good blocker just needs to make a couple of more adjustments

Clemens-has a lot of potential he looked great up until the dallas game where he by all means didnt lose that game

Nuge-can make the clutch kicks

Leon- as a Kr and use him in the SLOT-fast and skillful

baker- great with kellen

say goodbye to

Coles- i love him but he doesent like kellen but he is getting old and injured too often

Vilma-dont need him trade him for a 2nd rounder HARRIS is BETTER

Chad- can be a good backup but we can trade him for a 3rd rounder.

players to get

draft a OL with out first pick

Sign Alan Faneca in free agency

get maybe one or 2 more defensive playmakers like randall gay or asante samuel.

one big trade I would personally like

Bears get Chad, Vilma,and a 2nd rd pick

Jets get B.Urlacher and 4th rd pick


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