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Yesterdays camp


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I took my son to camp Sunday and man there were alot of fans there. Just a few notes to share with everyone.

Many, I mean many people there all excited about the season. Felt like there was a game about to start .Some noticable things viewing from the stands:

Graham has a strong leg, it seemed he spiraled balls when he wanted to, and turned them over to get air under it at will. His hang time was good on long punts, clocked him at 4.6, 4.7 a few times.

Justin Miller looked quick, very quick returning punts. Nugent looked good, I dont think he missed one field goal moving around all day. This guy is small unbelieveble he has such a strong leg.

They peracticed on side kicks, he nailed everyone with a decent hop , looked like an all pro at that.

Afternoon practice mostly offense. Chad looked crisp.

Hit Justin deep , Justin looks energized as well as Chrebet diving for everything, looks fresh.

Martin was hitting holes nicely and bouncing plays outside . Blaylock, he took one outside after hitting the hole and couldnt seem him till he was in the end zone. This guy is FAST , no joke FAST.

I have become more of a BJ ASKEW fan yesterday.

I was anging on the white fence before morning practice. Askew walks over and about 5' away throws me a pair of gloves . My kid and I were astonished

by this. Wondering why he gave them to us , I checked the gloves and noticed they were bothe left handed. Thats probably why, regardless I appreciated that so much and my kid now wants his 35.

I tried to get BJ to sign them and went to neversink

at the facility. Of the players we met were MAWAE riding a bike, great guy. Gave him a high five when riding. Vilma was the best, pic with me and my son

great guy man. Signed EVERYONE. Nugent,mickens,Tank Reed,Fabini, Moore, Hunter, Mcgraw few who signed autographs. Coles walked right by limping and talking on his cell phone. Entire crownd was calling him 10' away didnt wave or anything. NOTHING!walked right on by.

Crowd was pissed and started chanting we want MOSS ! and GO REDSKINS.

Barton another walked right on by.

All and all a fun day, JETFEST is great for kids and even adults. Alot of free stuff makes it even better.

Unfortunately BJ wasnt around but sure am grateful for his gloves he gave me and my son. Something like that makes it all worth it being a jet fan.

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Thanks A-Zone - it is good to get a regular jet fan perspective rather than media based stories.

Miller might not start in the secondary as a rookie but I think he will be a big threat to take it all the way back on punt returns for us -a real weapon for us IMO

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