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Chad testing his shoulder


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Chad testing his shoulder

Chad Pennington (Photo by Joe Rogate)

Jul 29, 2005

2005 Jets schedule



August 2, 2005

Chad Pennington practiced for the fourth consecutive day yesterday, saying he is taking "baby steps" and is "pleasantly surprised" at how his surgically repaired right shoulder feels.

"I feel really good about it," Pennington said. "I think our medical staff is surprised and pleased with my progress."

Speaking before the afternoon practice, in which he was intercepted on a deep ball for the third consecutive day, Pennington said the problem has been throwing behind receivers rather than underthrowing them.

"I've thrown three posts since January the 16th," Pennington said. "Over seven months, I've only thrown three deep balls. That's why we're out here. That's why I'm out here . . . As long as I'm making the right reads, I'll fix the throws."

Yesterday, Pennington was intercepted by safety Erik Coleman on a deep post for Justin McCareins. The ball, thrown into double coverage, appeared to have been underthrown.

But it's only August, and offensive coordinator Mike Heimer.dinger provided the appropriate levity for all the analysis of Pennington's performance. "I told him we're not throwing it deep again because he threw two interceptions," Heimerdinger said.

At this stage, the result isn't as important as getting reacquainted with making reads and throws after what the organization finally is acknowledging as "major surgery."

"The only way I'm going to experience success is if I experience failure," said Pennington, who said practicing once a day is "almost like preparing for a game . . . I only get one shot a day at learning this offense, actually work on the field with my teammates and get the details of this offense down. So far, so good."

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