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Thoughts on today and the last couple weeks


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How in the hell could we've gone from the penthouse to the outhouse? Weeks ago we edge out the New England Patriots followed up by destroying a at the time undefeated Tennesee Titans to losing to three of our last four (lets be honest it should've been four straight) to two teams that had below .500 records and to a Denver Broncos team that is worse than their above .500 record indicates? We are now at the point where hell has a better chance of freezing over than the Jets have of making the playoffs.

Honestly the way the Jets have played the last four weeks, the F***ing Detroit Lions could beat the Jets and knowing that makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

Every time Mangini was shown on TV in the dying minutes of the game after incredibly stupid decision made me want to throw my remote through the flat screen! But in all do fairness I don't blame it soley on EM, Brett Favre and the inability to make key plays at key times is reason why the Jets aren't going to make the post season this year.

I hate to hear the phrase "There's always next year" and this year I have to hear it yet again. We were 8 and f***ing 3 at one time and now we're 9 and 6!

That's absolutely pathetic!

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