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The Master Plan: The Shopping List


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Some great stuff from Bassett at TheJetsBlog

We all know the news, Bart Scott .. Jim Leonhard … etc. etc. Even so, here’s our view of what we think the Jets will have on their wishlist in the next few days. We’ll take a look at this in a few posts … enjoy

The first part to consider is where the team can be upgraded. From a quick and fair assessment here are places where the team can get better at starting and/or strategic depth positions:

Right Guard/Tackle — If the rumors are true, RG Brandon Moore might not be a Jet for much longer. Damien Woody might move inside, but that leaves a void on the line that will likely be filled by an internal candidate like Wayne Hunter or Robert Turner. Either way, the team should be open to see who’s on the market when the dust of the first 48 hours settles and consider a cap-friendly signing to bolster the now unsettled line situation. If Moore leaves town, the Jets have really only one backup lineman with a true shot at making the squad come cutdowns … yikes.

Tight End — With the release of Chris Baker and the likelihood of the team not keeping Bubba Franks, the team needs to find a Tight End who is a willing in-line pass protecter and runblocker who will allow Dustin Keller to do his thing.

Wide Reciever — The team needs a ten foot tall burner named who brushes his teeth with whiskey and feeds his baby Shrimp Scampi for dinner named Bill Brasky, WE GET IT. Laveranues Coles is the key factor here that can prevent any real moves. His presence (and thus cap number) determine what if anything this team can do at this position.

Quarterback — Ratty or KC might be the future, but it’s at least fair to say that there are players who could provide a more even-handed approach at the position. Looking towards the draft, consider that what Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan did last year as an aberration of aberrations. To consider that it could happen again with someone from this draft class seems very slight, especially when you consider that Flacco and Ryan were both five year collegiate players and had extensive time starting in the NCAA .. one of the key indicators for success in the pros.

Nose Tackle — The Jets made a serious investment in 2008 with the acquisition of Kris Jenkins. Big Jinx wore down by the end of the season, even after playing just two downs most of the season. This is an area of need, but young two-gapping 340+ pound defensive tackles aren’t exactly easy to come by. The Jets might have to look for the Draft to fill this position and find someone who can spell Jenkins and keep him fresh for December (and beyond, we hope).

Cornerback — Dwight Lowery was afforded the chance to win the job last season, but was marginalized by the end of the season. Lowery might still be an effective #2 … especially with a better pass-rush in 2009, but the Jets might look at veteran corners to “hold the fort” while they figure out the plan long-term, especially consider that teams will pick on whoever is not named Darrelle Revis for a long time.

Inside Linebacker — 3-4s are weak against short passes often times because the players are larger across the board, and thus less effective in coverage. David Harris needs some help inside and no, we’re not talking about Eric Barton. The team needs a versatile backer who can stop the run, but who can run with tight ends in and use his hands in coverage as well. The team likes to spend their money wisely, so to go after Ray Lewis seems like a fool’s errand, especially considering his age and the circus that would surround him.

If the team wants an impact player right now and for the next few years, that player is Bart Scott. If the team is willing to be patient, then they can work on finding someone in the draft or finding someone they can promote, but if defense is going to lead the charge in 2009, Scott is the surest thing. He’s the perfect size for an inside backer at 6-2 240 and has coverage skills. Filling the ILB spot effectively plugs the 3-4 with a devastating front for the 2009 season … the Defensive Line will have to take care of itself until 2010.

Strong Safety — The Jets have a “Frankenstein” at this position, no one answer seems to suffice on all downs. The Jets need to allow Rhodes to do what he’s best at … roam in coverage and work in a freelance role both up at the line and in centerfield. To complelent Rhodes, the team needs a hard-hitting safety who will put his nose in the pile in the run, and who can also cover receivers in space in a pinch.

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David Bowens believes Clemens is going to be great while Ratliff is more like the Sage Rosenfels type, and he went onto speak even more about how good Clemens is and nothing more on Ratliff. -- Sirius NFL radio yesterday.

Good to hear from an ex player with no Offensive ties.

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i really don't believe that Ryan and tannenbaum, if they let moore go, will leave the right OG/OT to wayne hunter and rob turner. as basset posted in one of his articles RG is not as important as LG, and they are much easier to find. and there are a few good options available via free agency and the draft this year. Stacy Andrews as i have mentioned before is a player that Tannenbaum and staff like, he'll be cheaper than 7 mil a season, because he and the bengals weren't awesome last year.

guards available via the draft include the mammoth Herman Johnson from LSU who is 6'7" 374 lbs, Kraig Urbick from wisconsin, who will be available in the late second mid 3rd round, he is a solid run blocker, and Andy Levitre from Oregon State, probably the most versatile lineman in the draft considering he played ever line position except center in college

the guards in the draft this year are quite good

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