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Wide-ranging problems: Recent activity furthers diva stereotype - Don Banks


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he actually wrote a good article. maybe because he doesn't have to give his opinion about a team.

anyway i think it will make you feel better about the Jets wide receivers.


here's an excerpt i liked


The same goes for Pittsburgh, with its two Super Bowl wins the past four years. Hines Ward might be a star, but he's a blue-collar player, and anything but the diva type. The Steelers won only after Burress left town. Baltimore claimed a ring in 2000 without a legitimate star receiver, and the Colts championship in 2006 was earned without their passing game revolving entirely around either Harrison or Reggie Wayne. Even Tampa Bay's Keyshawn Johnson, while having some diva-like qualities, by 2002 had earned a reputation of also being a tough, reliable football player thanks to his exposure to Bill Parcells early in his career.

"I believe you can win in this league without a star receiver,'' said the AFC personnel man. "You need play-makers at that position, not necessarily stars. You don't want to sacrifice chemistry for production. We're just not going to take a bite out of that apple.''

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