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Jets' Braylon Edwards not getting suspension for assault charge


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Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:01 am EDT

By Mark J. Miller

ept_sports_rumors-886825822-1256735617_thumb.jpg?ymBedHCD24RWXIpKNew York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards(notes) may have assaulted a friend of LeBron James outside a Cleveland nightclub, but it doesn't appear the league will give him any kind of suspension for it. He was charged with the misdemeanor on Monday. The fact that he has no prior history is helping Edwards stay clear of any league suspension, a source told the New York Post. The Jets apparently knew about the allegations before the team traded for him with the Cleveland Browns. The Jets reportedly did a background check and talked to both law-enforcement folks and league security about Edwards before making the deal.

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum told the paper that the "risk was manageable" when acquiring Edwards. You can imagine the "unmanageable risk" discussions in Jets boardrooms when folks like Terrell Owens(notes) and Placido Burress were on the market.


Braylon ban not likely


Last Updated: 7:08 AM, October 28, 2009

Posted: 2:19 AM, October 28, 2009

icon_rss.pngrss The NFL is "monitoring" the case of Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards, an NFL spokesperson told The Post yesterday, though there doesn't appear to be any chance of him being suspended this season -- if at all.

Edwards on Monday was charged with misdemeanor assault in Cleveland Municipal Court for his alleged connection with an incident outside a downtown nightclub shortly before the Jets acquired him in a trade with the Browns.

The NFL spokesperson said that "under the PC [player conduct] policy, when a player like Braylon, with no prior history of conduct issues, has been charged, we wait for a court resolution. Then we would review the facts for any possible discipline."


BRAYLON EDWARDS Accused in assault.

The Jets on Monday issued a statement saying they were "aware" of the allegations before they traded for Edwards, and added that Edwards "has been cooperative with authorities, and we will allow the legal process to run its course."


Edwards is accused of punching entertainment promoter Edward Givens (a friend of LeBron James) outside the nightclub the morning after a Browns loss to the Bengals.

When the Jets traded for Edwards, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum said the team conducted a background check and had been in touch with law-enforcement and league security.

Tannenbaum said the "risk was manageable" in acquiring Edwards.

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