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New York Jets news and notes


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New York Jets news and notes

by Tyson Rauch on September 17, 2010

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1) Revis hurt? The news of the day is that All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis was limited in practice due to a tight hamstring. When pressed on if Revis would play on Sunday, Rex Ryan stated that he expects Darrelle on the field. Two thoughts on this: A) You just had to know some type of injury was coming with Revis. There is being in shape, and there is game shape. Hopefully this is nothing serious, but you know the Pats will test Darrelle early and often down the field. B) After seeing both Wilson and Cromartie struggle last week, could you imagine if Revis went down for any extended amount of time?

2) Pace out- Linebacker Calvin Pace remains out, but is reportedly making a lot of progress. I thought Jason Taylor played a heck of a game last week and expect the same type of performance Sunday against a fierce division rival.

3) Pool questionable- Safety Brodney Pool remains questionable with his ankle injury. I for one cannot wait to see what Pool can bring to the defense, but think the Jets are taking the right approach by not rushing him onto the field.

4) Schottenheimer takes blame- Following the Jets putrid offensive performance on Monday night everyone from Rex, to Sanchez, to now offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, has taken the blame for the conservative play calling. Not for nothing I can care less who takes the blame, but as a team it has to get fixed. If the team is this scared to let Sanchez throw the ball A) he should not be on the field and B) the coaches did a terrible job preparing him.

5) Rex punishes for penalties- On Thursday the defense had to do sets of push-ups if they committed a penalty. Ryan offered the following regarding the punishment:

“If we had a penalty on defense, we had some tough love. We went back to grade-school, I’ll be honest. We had the guy that got penalized circled (by)his teammates. He was in the middle of them and he had to count push-ups. We’re going to do anything. Whatever it takes to solve this, we’re going to do.”

On if the tough love is because of all the penalties on Monday…

“Absolutely and to let you know that, ‘Hey, you’re letting your teammates down.’ That guy is the first guy down, “I’ll take them all.” ‘No, you’ve got to watch your teammates do them.’ (We’re doing) anything. I know it’s an old high school trick, but sometimes those old high school tricks still work on this level.”

On who would have to do pushups…

“(If it was) on defense. He (the player who committed the penalty) was in the middle of them and they were all circled up and then he’d count them. ”

On how many pushups they would do…

“They’d do 10 each time.”

On number of penalties committed…

“I’d rather not get into that (laughter). Too many times for our liking. That’s why we were postponed a little bit. Not that many.”

On if the entire team had to do pushups…

“No, it was just the defense. The offense, if we didn’t convert on third down,we repeated the play.”

It will be interesting to see if the Jets can reduce the number of penalties this week. Another 10+ game of penalties and you seriously have to wonder about the team’s discipline.

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