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So there's this guy at my Kids school

s dubb

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Yea so anyways, there is this flaming Patriots fan that picks his kid up from school everyday. Usually I see him "yukin" it up with a group of school A-listers... lol. Anyways, this guy is always prancing around with his Patsy hat and or a throwback Brady or Welker jersey . I mean every single day this guy is sporting his gay, ooops, I mean Patriot pride. It's almost religious with this guy.

However today I see him off to the side sitting on this bench while his kids play on the equipment. It's funny, just jeans and a sweat shirt :lol: . No Patriot pride today! hahaha, I've never seen this guy without his colors on. To see a grown a$$ man, sitting there on the end of this bench in jeans and sweat shirt when he's never seen without his Pats gear on was absolutely f*ckin priceless!!

I should have taken a pic on my phone. It was all types of awesome!

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