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If Sanchez has skill/footwork execution issues


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I'm not proposing anything here...I'm just asking this for your opinion.

We've been rough on Schottenheimer, but some of the 'breakdown articles' I've read say things like this:

"Sanchez has footwork problems"

"Sanchez needs to keep both hands on the ball"

"Sanchez' skills don't match the plays" (ok, this might be Schott, or an opportunity for the QB Coach to HELP?)

Even in camp, Joe Namath sat in the conf room and went into a speech about proper handoff of a snap to the QB.

So is Matt Cavanaugh really doing anything to study and improve the QBs' skills?

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I'm sure Cavanaugh is doing a fine job.

There are a thousand things going on for the QB in every play. You can correct everything, but there will always be a bit of "two steps forward, one step back" type of thing going on.

Footwork is not a weakness for Sanchez, it's a strength.

Handling has improved tremendously. Look at the stats, if you like... Sanchez has put the ball on the ground much less this year than last. In fact, he may be above average in this department this year. He came into the pros with a really bad tendency here to switch the ball to his off hand and keep it out in the open. If you go back and watch last year, he did that CONSTANTLY. This year, not so much.

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Footwork is not a weakness for Sanchez, it's a strength.


You guys know how in football games the offense has to play against a team's defense? Perhaps defenses are just doing a good job of shaking up Sanchez? I mean these two past Ds are division rival Ds so they know our QB as well as any team in the league...maybe they just played well and got him off his game? Improbable considering only Brian Schottenheimer beats the Jets, but perhaps the opposing D plays a factor.

I'm not a huge Cavanaugh guy but there's no reason to blame him for Sanchez's mechanics falling apart in games when Ds are rocking him. D's rocking him falls on Schotty not giving him enough protection and calling plays that will confuse them/work.

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Gato, good thoughts.

I guess we'll know if it's "just a division thing" after the Steelers game.

If we score -offensively- on Pittsburgh, I'll feel better. But this is still a problem if we have to play NE in round 1.

And non-division playoff teams will have plenty of film on how to shut us down.

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