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Gruden's segments with these QB's are money


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I watched the Mallett one expecting to see a meathead jerk, but he seemed pretty earnest to me. His feet are very slow, but maybe he will be a player if the attitude he shows is genuine.

Both Newton and Mallett went into those interviews obviously coached up, I think. Watching them grab their pens to write down stuff like "must keep pocket clean," and "you're a weapon" made me chuckle. Allegedly, Mallett is a big fan of the weed, and would drive up with his boys into Texarkana to buy some herb. Supposedly, this was fairly common knowledge in Arkansas, but he was in full lie-and-deny mode at the Combine, culminating in his somewhat embarrassing press conference where he was cracking after being asked about his "off the field" issues. He's also supposed to be a huge a-hole in the locker room. Rumors, of course, but I still don't think I'd be in any rush to draft him.

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