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  1. There is proof. 5 super bowl rings worth. Your saying that Belichek had nothing to do with winning Championships with the Giants and that his winning 5 rings after he split with Parcells means nothing. To use your logic there is no proof of what Parcells contributed either. He had guys on that staff that went on to HC jobs and more. Parcells own ego did him in and he won nothing NOTHING after the split with Belichek. If you can't see that then your blinded by your regard for Parcells. As far as everything else well........right back at ya sunshine .
  2. Fair enough. Maybe changes in the coaching staff will help but this is a make or break season for Bowles IMO. If they cut the deadwood and go with draft picks then I could see giving Bowles a pass. If they go all in though and sign a veteran QB and others Bowles has to deliver or he is gone.
  3. LOL. Are you kidding me? Parcells won nothing after he split with Belichek. I don't know whats worse me defending Belichek or you saying Championships mean nothing. Take Parcells dick out of your mouth your embarrassing yourself.
  4. He lost the players. A strong HC doesn't allow a feud to consume the team. He nips that sh*t in the bud and manages players egos so there is no problem that divides the team. Being utterly clueless as Bowles is allows problems to fester and grow. The team takes its cue from the man in charge. If the man in charge is clueless then so is the team. Just look at the play of the defense which is supposedly Bowles strong point. The inmates were running the asylum last year. Utterly clueless.
  5. You made no argument. You simply ignored facts and stated your opinion as fact. If the line can't block QB falls down and goes boom. I am putting it simply so you can understand. Make sense now?
  6. Thats the point. You know what your going to get with Geno "friggin" Smith. You have to find out what you have in the other guys. Simply put Geno=BAD. Hope that clears it up for you in terms you can understand.
  7. Yes we do. That's all I have to say about that.
  8. Hey you ever see that movie Forrest Gump? Good Flick. You remember when Forrest is being chased by those bullies and he runs through the The Crimson Tides practice? Right in front of Bear Bryant. Shows him how fast he is? Then they cut to an Alabama game? Forrest runs for a roundabout TD. And Bear Bryant tells an assistant "He must be the stupidest sonovabitch alive, but he sure is fast". Your posts remind me of that. I wonder why?
  9. You really have no idea do you? So you think Kaepernick will opt out of his contract giving up all that cash to come to a team as flawed as this one with all those teams out there seeking QB help? You think He will walk away from 8 figures a year to take a bargain deal with a team that has so many holes as this one? A team that has a HC on the hot seat and a GM that maybe too? All that coupled with the fact that he maybe Geno "friggin" Smiths backup according to you? Keep on thinking that. Hey wanna buy a bridge?
  10. Your delusional friend. You really think Kap is going to take a bargain basement salary to play here? His politics have nothing to do with anything I said. He will not take a lower salary to play for what is essentially a 6 win team as constituted. No way. Smith lost his job because he was decked by a fringe roster player over a small sum of money. He had his jaw broken because of his immaturity and his lack of character. sh*tz was signed to back up Geno and was thrust into the starting role because of Smiths actions not anything done by the coaches or sh*tz himself. How the hell can you not acknowledge that fact? That's why the Vets did not want Geno "friggin" Smith as the QB. That coupled with sh*tz playing as he did was Geno"friggin" Smiths downfall. Would you want an immature a-hole as the QB or a guy who threw 30 tds? I am no fan of sh*tz but if you say Geno "friggin" Smith as the answer to that question your either stoned or a fool. Who the hell is going to give anything of value for Petty based on his performance so far? No one. Signing Smith and Kaepernick is so stupid for a team with this many holes. They need to sign or draft players at so many positions like CB OL edge rusher TE Safety RB and WR not to mention finding a QB. With that many holes where do you get the money to sign or draft anyone else if you follow your silly plans? Why would ANY QB want to play here behind a novice OL that will most likely get them killed? No way you can afford those guys and fix whats broken no matter how many vets you cut. So this team is not going to win many games next season OR the season after that because of the situation they are in. You need to face the facts here. The Jets are in dire straights. The only reason I say go with Hack or Petty is because they are young, cheap, and you may catch lightning in a bottle if one of them develop. If they don't you are not stuck with a QB who will be over the hill when the other components of the team start to develop or hamstrung with an even worse cap situation. Its beyond me how someone can't understand the simple dynamics of this situation.
  11. . It reminds me of that movie Little Nicky. Marino is begging the Devil(Harvey Keitel) please just let me win one. "Sorry Dan I'm a Jets Fan" The Devil says. No wonder why we're screwed! I friggin hate Adam Sandler!
  12. Wow. Where to begin? First of all if Geno "Friggin" Smith is the best option for this team we are truly screwed. His football IQ is terrible. He has a strong arm but his football sense is still as bad as it was in his rookie year. He has no touch and he has no sense of where his WR's are on the field. This has been evidenced time and time again. You talk about dividers and mention Mangold. I'm sure a center with his pedigree knows a little something about the guy who is calling the snaps. A pro bowler like Mangold can see that Geno "friggin" Smith is friggin clueless on the field when it comes to progressions, looking off the DB's and making throws that his guys can get too. Sorry but I trust Mangolds opinion more than yours. Marshall and Dekker are NFL caliber WR's. Maybe Marshall has lost something but when he was catching everything thrown to him it wasn't Geno who doing the throwing. Marshall even took Geno under his wing and still Geno "friggin" Smith was unable or unwilling to get in sync or have a connection.. Of the other guys you mentioned Enuwa and maybe Anderson are second line guys on a good team. The others are unproven and highly suspect. Then you want to bring in Kaepernick I don't believe he will "fly" here either. You think he will be a leader if he is beaten out by the likes of Geno? You think Geno, who has exhibited nothing but immature behavior in the locker room AND on the sidelines will be able to handle being beaten out by Kaepernick? Not to mention it will cost money to sign both guys on a cap strapped team with a suspect OL . Why even entertain the Kapernick idea if your so sure Gen "friggin Smith is the best answer for this team? Your idea's are a recipe for disaster plain and simple. Signing those two will do nothing but hinder this team. What sense does it make to spend the type of money it will take to sign those two guys when you could have the same result with Petty and/or Hack? Who BTW make a third combined of what it will take to sign one of the guys you mentioned? Neither Kap or Geno will play for the league minimum here. That is a pipe dream. As far as cutting the deadwood that is the only thing I agree with here. You need to realize that in order to go forward they need to bring new blood in and use this draft's strength at need positions to build for the future. Then use the coming drafts strengths to add as needed. I am not against signing FA's but they must be smart in how they spend their money. Signing underachievers Like Smith and Kap are the old ways. The old ways do not work. Why can't people see that?
  13. If that happens Geno "Friggin" Smith will be on IR and Hack or Petty will most likely be in there anyway. Save the money(even if its league minimum) and spend it on some hungry UDFA who is looking for a home.
  14. I agree. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. The problem is that Bowles appears clueless and has lost the players on his team. If the players don't believe in the scheme or the HC doesn't stick with or have faith in said scheme then what good is it? Unless they revamp the scheme or change the majority of the personnel then we will have the same chicken with its head cut off look on the field of play. How many times were guys wide open or big plays made with players out of position on defense last season? Sure some of those were player mistakes and some could be blamed on injuries but if the replacements were clueless it is the job of the coach and coaching staff to prepare those players. Maybe with the changes in the staff things might be different but preparation and coaching staff selection falls squarely at the foot of the man in charge. I'm thinking that unless progress is made Bowles might be looking for a job after this season. Mac is probably safe but Bowles has to prove he can adjust his scheme based on game situations. That was a major problem with this defense last year.
  15. That's all well and good but do you really think Bowles is the guy to go forward with? Bringing "his guys" in will only prolong the agony. What if they sign those guys and Bowles is fired? Then we are back on the crap carousel once again. Stuck with no cap space and overpriced underachievers saddling a new HC with guys he doesn't want.
  16. I fully expect this season to be painful. I am willing to watch a bunch of young guys make mistakes and learn rather than watch a bunch of overpriced vets make the same mistakes over and over again. Time will tell.
  17. I hope so. The guy is a train wreck in every sense of the word.
  18. Based on Mac's track record in FA so far? Come on. The quick fix will not work. They need to make some hard decisions and build through the draft. By all means sign some guys but sign guys with something left in the tank. Don't sign guys based on past performance and throw money at the problem. That formula has not worked in the past and will not work in the future.
  19. So based on a few examples you advocate bringing this guy back? Geno Friggin Smith has had far more negatives than positives. That, coupled with what it would cost to bring him back makes signing him silly. They are better off going with Petty or Hack rather than signing this bum and having to contend with the drama and immaturity that Geno Friggin Smith will bring. Especially if they blow it up and bring in young impressionable guys. You want Geno Friggin Smith to be a role model? That's the biggest mistake they could make. Just say no.
  20. I am paying attention. Now release all that dead weight and maybe I will start to believe your claims. If they do that and then do not sign overpriced vets and build with young guys and allow them to grow together and start to build a solid foundation then and only then will I think differently.
  21. This has to be the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard. Why pay Smith that kind of money when you have Petty and/or Hack making half combined of what it will take to bring Geno Friggin Smith back? The Jets will be just as bad with either of those guys as they will with Geno Friggin Smith. You want a team with cap issues to spend 5-6 mil on a scrub like Geno Friggin Smith? The guy is guaranteed to be on IR or do something equally as stupid to screw up and then you will have to play Hack or Petty anyway. Hopefully this is the last time I will say this: Geno Smith is not the answer, Never will be the answer, and Never had a chance in HELL of being the answer. Not even for a season. Say goodbye to this immature excuse for a man. Bringing him back would be the epitome of assholery. Geno Friggin Smith just need's to take his sorry ass the hell outta here. Gotta be kidding me....
  22. They are the Dog-Ass-Jets. Until they stop chasing their tales, licking their balls,sniffing each others asses and(insert any other dog behavior reference here) just being all around stupid that is what they will be. Maybe the change is coming, maybe it isn't. Its all part of being a Jet Fan. That is the identity. Deal with it.
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