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Food Menu for Super Bowl??


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I will be taking the wife to a nice Mexican Restaurant after work where I will get primmed pick up some more brews on the way home and should be home for kickoff.

I was fortunate enough to get out of my afternoon shift and got a morning one instead -- so I make extra coin and still see the game win/win for me

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Miniature Rex Ryan Dogs

Pepperoni Rolls

7 Layer Dip


mozzerella sticks/puffs

Buffalo chicken soup

Fried Ravioli


Everything sounds good except the Yuengling. I used to work in brewery and drank way too much of it when I was younger.

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perfect ingredients for some lucky lady to get a Dutch Oven tonight ;)


:lol: it was her idea for dinner. Been a few years since we had it and St. Patty`s Day is coming up soon. Didn`t want corned beef just yet.
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