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Rex is who I said he was!!!


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Starting Sanchez is in our best interest as fans of the team. I don't want to have to endure another year of this regime, the bad management, bad coaching, horrific play. Rex's legacy will be as the cool Dad that let the kids never feared. These players walk all over him. His over-whelming need to show loyalty to them is rewarded by undisciplined effort. Good for you Rex, they like you. You don't get rings for that.

The amount of things Rex said he'd do, and never did is remarkable. The one thing he said he'd never do, he did... kiss Bill's rings. Oh he did.

I knew 3 years ago when it appeared Rex was doing more planning for his press conferences / comedy routines than the games that we were in trouble. Mother****er tricked me in his first year. As it turns out, his first 2 years were propped up by responsible, driven veterans. As soon as he and Tanny jettisoned those veterans and replaced them with "Rex's guys", Rex was exposed.

Good riddance.... hopefully to all of them.

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