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More Coples is good stuff.

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Once in a while the Jets luck/wander/bumble into a good player. It seems they might have done it again with this Coples.


We have talked quite a lot about the Jets defensive line. Karl Dunbar made a huge impact on this group, as Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples are going to be huge parts of this team for a long time. We have gone over Wilkerson’s season at length, but what about Coples?

How did he really fare compared to his peers? We know he led the team in sacks with 5.5, but let’s look at his grade on Pro Football Focus to see how he compared to others.

He was a top 20 defensive end amongst 3-4 players, ranked 19th overall with a 1.4 overall grade. His impact shows even more in his pass rushing grade, where he moves up to the top 10 with a 4.9, grading him higher than great Baltimore Raven Haloti Ngata. He tied for fourth in the league with 9 quarterback hits.

He fell of a bit against the run, with a grade of only a -1.5. Interesting, however, he did better in pass coverage with a 1.0 grade in pass coverage. What does that tell us? Quinton is becoming quite the versatile player, who will be effective dropping off the line into coverage, as well as coming after the passer.

What is the next step for Quinton Coples? Improve his prowess against the run. His -1.5 grade is nowhere near good enough, and it showed in his playing time, as Quinton only played in 172 snaps against the run. He needs to become a better run stopper with only a 7.6 run stop percentage. Not playing that many snaps should have given him the ability to have a higher percentage than that.

A pass rusher is one thing, but a complete player is something else. The Jets need a complete player as a first round draft pick, and that is the step we will be looking for in 2013.

Closes a little weak as I think Coples can be a complete players, but some promising tidbits there. Nice to add a player capable of being an impact talent against the pass. Edited by SenorGato

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