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Look at the bright side to this debacle

Sperm Edwards

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Look at the bright side to this debacle: Bradway may be gone now as well.

Pretend you're Woody for a moment. You're a billionaire Jet fan (yes, despite all the warranted negative comments, I do believe he is a Jet fan) & bought the team for over $600M. Things seem to be going ok to you for the first season or two. And then...

Your team was the laughing stock of the 2003 off-season when under your GM's watch, one team signed four (FOUR!!!) of our free agents we didn't want to let go of.

Gave a 29 year-old RB, already top-10 on the most-carries-for-a-career list, a 7 year $46M extension with like $14M in guaranteed money.

Traded two #1's and a #4 (and their very manageable salaries/bonuses) to move up in the '03 draft to get a combine/workout warrior. Considering what we gave up to draft this player and his 8-figure signing bonus, he's fallen short of expectations to say the least.

Gave in to Herm's badgering (privately and/or through the media) & rewarded his 6-10 season with a raise & an extension.

He gave a weak-armed veteran QB, who never completed a single NFL season, something like $20M of your money over the past 2 years & it's basically lost money barring an unprecedented recovery.

In the deepest draft in years, trades a high 2nd-round pick, & the reasonable contract that comes along with it, in exchange for a rebuilding team's #3 WR, then gives said player a $31M contract.

Lost the young, star WR he inherited with the team, while the player was a RESTRICTED free agent, by being cheap to the tune of $500K. Then trades 1st rounder Santana Moss (who also cost us a 4th to acquire) just to get him back b/c he fits in better with the weak-armed $64M QB, only to see Moss up there in league leaders & on every week's highlight film all season long.

Despite the countless millions you spent to try, you didn't get your dream stadium in Manhattan, look the fool, and (rightly or wrongly) thousands of Jets fans now despise you for taking what was financially your best option left. Not Bradway's fault, but can't help but add to the aggrivation to come.

Now your team is $30M+ over the cap & just went 4-12 & had the 30th ranked offense under the OC you paid like a HC. You're going to lose your only pro-bowler from this year & will likely also lose your 3-time pro-bowl DE. Your overpaid QB spent the season on IR & after a poor performance for all but one game, your old, overpaid RB joined him some weeks later. The head coach then has the temerity, at this point, to demand yet ANOTHER raise & extension. You want this smarmy, snot-nosed head coach GONE. FIRED. But before you get the chance...miraculously, as is hinted towards the end of the season, Kansas City comes to you and says "we want him" and is actually willing to GIVE you draft picks to take him off your hands. Your GM is good buddies with the KC GM. Finally something goes right.

...and then he screws that up too, as it is leaked out that you'll probably have Herm fired anyway if a deal with KC can't be reached. No doubt this came up in the buddy-buddy conversations between Terry & Carl. Peterson, not surprisingly, takes the position that he'll just pick Herm up for nothing after he's fired - or take the screw-you offer of 5th & 6th picks he left on the table.

I'd be at my wit's end with Dumbway right now if it were my team.

The bright side? We may end up getting rid of both within the next week.

Pray. Pray. Pray.

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