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Reality time - this team stinks!


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Hey there is a reason why I predicted a 5-11 record this year - and it was not based solely on the schedule.  I do not understand why others dont see what I do.  

  • We have 3/5 of an O, Qvale, Ijalana and Winters would not make most practice squads - let alone start..albeit the 3/5 we do have may be pro-bowl caliber.
  • We have NO speed on offense...thats right NONE, Forte is not what he used to be but one thing he never was - fast.  Peake, Anderson and Jalin are no different from Stevie Anderson, David Clowney and Dale Dawkins until proven otherwise.
  • We have no TE 
  • Fitz is our worst starting QB since Bubby Brister.  He is the dumbest smart guy ever.  In the heat of the moment all football logic escapes his brain.  His arm strength varies from chad-like to Rex Ryan's stinky foot wife-like.  His success last year was solely due to having two healthy animals in Decker and Marshall and versus the worst defenses in the league - he was also very lucky last year - lots of dropped interceptions.   His success against Buffalo was actually good game planning as they took advantage of Buffalo's superior bump n run corners by tricking them with back shoulder throws that dumb rex never made adjustments for - KC and Seattle watched the films and the back should throws will prolly never work again and Fitz can only dink and dunk if he wants to stay away from turnovers.
  • We have the most talented DL on paper, but they seem to have quit already.
  • We have NO LBs worth chit.  Mauldin hardly plays and does nothing when in.  Darron Lee is Vilma redux - but Vilma was nothing special until he added 30 pounds of muscle from the New Orleans Diet.
  • Calvin Pryor is a classic cover-2 box safety.  He could play the role of John Lynch quite well in a made for RV movie.   He's a terrible fit for the Jets Defense whatever it is.  Gilchrist is a decent FS, but not good enough considering out CBs.   Revis is no longer a bump and run CB, Marcus Williams never was.  
  • I would compare our defense this year to the year when Herm Edwards brought in  Ted Cotrell to try to invent a hybrid Cover-2 scheme that turned into a disaster.  We have morphed from a pretty good 3/4 bump n run to a 4-2-5 hybrid that no one knows how to run and the players are running circles around each other on the field.
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