The New York Jets ended the season with a 5-11 record and last in the AFC East. With the regular season in the books, the 2017 home and away opponents have been finalized. The dates of each game will be determined in the spring when the full regular-season schedule is released.

Home opponents (*playoff team): Kansas City Chiefs*, San Diego Chargers, Atlanta Falcons*, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, New England Cheaters*, Miami Dolphins*, Buffalo Bills

Away opponents (*playoff team): Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders*, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, New England Cheaters*, Miami Dolphins*, Buffalo Bills.

My take : Aren’t bad teams supposed to get an easier schedule? That’s not the case with the Jets, whose non-divisional schedule has three current playoff teams – Chiefs (home), Falcons (home) and Raiders (away). They also have to face a couple of perennial winners that missed the playoffs – Panthers (home) and Broncos (away). This won’t be easy for a Jets team that figures to be rebuilding. They will face four teams that will have new coaches – Broncos, Chargers, Jaguars and Bills (twice).