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Final Edition: Darnold Vs. Other Rookie QBs - Tableau Data

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Tableau Data for more details

Through week 17 Sam Darnold remains now the 2nd or 3rd best rookie QB this season. Darnold finishes the year with a 77.6 QB Rating, while Lamar Jackson is higher, at 84.5. But Darnold has played in far more games and has started to look the part of franchise QB the past few weeks, despite a quiet week 17. 

2018 NFL rookies compared:

  • Baker Mayfield - 310-486 63.8%, 3,725 Yards 27 TDs 14 INTs (17 total turnovers), 7.7 YPA, 9.2 Yards per throw, 93.7 QB Rating (Ranked 5th of 40 Rookie QBs between Russell Wilson and Cody Kessler) - 
  • Lamar Jackson 99-170 58.2% 1,201 Yards, 6TDs 3 INTs (7 Total Turnovers), 7.1 YPA, 8.7 Yards per throw, 84.5 QB Rating - 147 Rushes 697 Yards, 5 TDs (10th of 40 rookie QBs between Cam Newton and Mike Glennon) 
  • Sam Darnold - 239-414 57.7%, 2,865 Yards 17 TDs 15 INTs (17 total turnovers), 6.9 YPA, 9.3 Yards per throw, 77.6 QB Rating (Ranked 18th of 40 Rookie QBs between EJ Manuel and Mitch Trubisky)
  • Josh Allen - 169-320 52.8% 1,850 Yards 10 TDs 12 INTs (14 Total Turnovers) 6.5 YPA, 11.0 Yards per throw - 89 rushes 631 yards 8 TDs, 67.9 QB Rating (Ranked 30th of 40 Rookie QBs between CJ Bethard and Geno Smith)
  • Josh Rosen - 217-393 55.2%, 2,278 Yards 11 TDs 14 INTs (19 Total Turnovers), 5.8 YPA, 8.3 Yards per throw, 66.7 QB Rating (Ranked 31st of 40 Rookie QBs between CJ Bethard and Geno Smith)

Maybe I'll do a more full analysis. But Darnold Allen and Rosen finshised as the 3 lowest rated passers in the NFL this season. Darnold's final game was a bit of a disappointment, but I think on the whole, it was a successful season.


One positive note to end on - Looking back over the last decade, Darnold had the 3rd best QB Rating (99.1) over the final quarter of the season. Every player in the top 10 is still having success in the NFL. 


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Overall I think Darnold had a great rookie campaign. The most important part of this season was his development, and the last quarter of the season he was a top 5 QB with literally every factor working against him. Finishing strong is vital to build off and Darnold did exactly that.

I think we and the Browns got a special one. I can see a Manning/Brady type rivalry playing out between us. I see Darnold and Baker becoming top 5 maybe as early as next year.

Also on another note, Rosen was a huge disappointment. If you told me preseason he would be outplayed by Josh Allen I'd laugh in your face but here we are. Loved his mechanics pre draft but he doesnt have the improvisation and out of pocket swag that the rest do which renders him useless with a bad o line.

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As stated, the best thing about Sam was he end the year playing 4 or 5 good games consecutively. Always want to be ascending, and he showed growth in every aspect. Especially cutting Down the picks and keeping his eyes down field as he left the pocket. He was just so much fun to watch. The only major bright spot. 

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