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My fantasy dream for today....


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McCarthy’s Uber pulls up to Jet HQ’s. Mac is at the entrance to welcome him.

They take a nice tour of the facilities. Then it’s off to the conference room to meet Mr. Johnson and to begin the interview.

Upon entering the room they see on the back wall is a huge buffet for Mike’s enjoyment. On the conference table is a duffel bag over flowing with cash.

On each side of the table sits Kliff Kingsbury and Kris Richard.

Chris warmly welcome McCarthy and states…”this can all be yours Mike. The cash, all you can eat crab legs and working with two of the finest young minds in the game. Let’s play nice together and go win a Championship!”

McCarthy agrees to the deal on the spot. News conference at 5pm where he’s trotted out with cocktail sauce on his shirt and a Jets cap on his head.

Then I wake up in a cold sweat only to find out they hired Jim Caldwell.

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