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Rookies Reporting?

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Jets rookies were scheduled to report for training camp on Tuesday and get their first COVID-19 tests, but the team delayed the report date.

The Jets are seeking more clarity on the testing policy that was agreed to by the NFL and its players on Monday before they begin to administer the tests. The rookies are in New Jersey and waiting to begin their NFL careers.

Players must test negative twice before they are permitted in the team’s training center. Testing could begin as early as Wednesday, if the Jets feel like they have a full understanding of the testing protocols agreed to Monday afternoon.

Quarterbacks and injured players are scheduled to report Thursday with the full team reporting next Tuesday. The NFL and players are still negotiating how training camp will be structured, but it is likely there will be an acclimation period of a few weeks before players are on the field and in pads.

The situation is similar — if slightly more complicated — for the Giants. Rookies, quarterbacks and injured veterans are scheduled to report Thursday but even that plan is on hold until there is more clarity regarding agreed-upon COVID-19 testing procedures. The rookies have been told to stay put at home and not travel to New Jersey, league sources told The Post.

The Giants have only signed one of their 10 draft picks, though agreements are in place with certain late-round picks pending a physical, per sources. Those physicals — scheduled to be spread over the course of the weekend — cannot happen until camp opens.

There is no deal in place yet with first-round pick Andrew Thomas, though the expectation is it will come together quickly and soon in line with the rookie wage scale, with the start of camp increasing the sense of urgency. The Giants’ previous two first-round picks, Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones, both signed on the eve of camp.


The Jets have eight of their nine draft picks signed with only third-round pick Ashtyn Davis yet to sign his deal.

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17 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I read a tweet earlier today that they didn't report because they're waiting for clarification from the league on rules/procedures. Of course, I can't find that tweet now.

I buy it. Leave it to Rodger Goodells NFL to not figure this sh*t out a day before reporting.

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