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Active players Jersey's I've bought for my sopne and I:

Dee Milliner - 1st round pick; Alabama; sports science said best athlete in the draft. What could go wrong? Apparently, plenty.

Leonard Williams - Another first rounder but scouts said he was the most sure fire talent in the draft. Hey, even the best of us get some things wrong.

Jamal Adams - This one was looking pretty good during last season. But, what kind of fool am I to expect a first round pick to play for the Jets for more than 3 years.

Le'veon Bell - Hey, he was wearing my number 26. I couldn't resist, Plus, I live in Pitt fan territory so I there was a certain amount of "in your face" motivation. Regardless, I should have known better.

Sam Darnold - I often wonder if Sam's career would be going better if I had avoided this purchase. But, the writing on the wall is graffiti sized at this point. Jets are Losing for Lawrence and Sam his history before his first chapter has been written. I wish him the best and feel that Dick Hammer's grandkid will find great success elsewhere. 

In closing, I just want to thank the good folks in China for making my purchases so affordable that I don't really regret any of them. Each one was borne of my great hope that the Jets would finally turn that corner and be a winner. Still waiting though, and wondering if it will ever happen. But, I remain hopeful. After all, it's all I got.

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