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QB Sam Ehlinger


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Texas QB Sam Ehlinger is predicted to go as a later day 3 draft pick.  He is a two-time captain, was a finalist for the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year Award for his leadership qualities, shows a lot of energy and competitiveness, especially when running the ball.  Though he won't put up athletic performance numbers like Taysom Hill, could he fill a similar role for an NFL team?  Not fulfilling a role as the back up or even temporary starter the way the Hill was used this past year but used as a gadget type player that can line up as a WR/RB or short yardage QB.  Ehlinger has had 33 rushing TDs in 46 games during his college career.

Perhaps with the Jets' 7th round pick or if they pick up another 6th or 7th via a trade down.




Texas’ beloved quarterback Sam Ehlinger is up next.

Class: Senior

Height: 6-2

Weight: 220


He’s clearly a very strong runner. Not the fastest player, but he plays with power and elusiveness that has made him an open field threat — both on designed runs and while escaping pressure.

Good arm strength. When he does push the ball down field, it has a good arc and distance on it.

Accurate on short, underneath routes. His bread and butter for moving the chains has been the under 10-yard passes that have been pinpoint on the spot.

Good game awareness. He is able to avoid pressure and keep the flow of the game alive. Doesn’t take sacks late in the game and gets rid of the ball when the play is busted.


Not a very accurate deep passer. Despite his ability to throw it deep, he doesn’t consistently get the ball to his receivers down the field. These passes are often overthrown or thrown too close to contention from the secondary.

Takes too many hits as a runner. When running upfield (not on QB power), instead of sliding, he’ll try and for extra yards by taking on contact.

Stares down receivers way too often. Against Big 12 defenses, staring down the person you’re going to throw to will have almost no effect, but will get you kicked out at the next level. Instead of masking reads, he’s made his decision from when the team lines up.


His leadership, athleticism and will to win is what people mention most about Ehlinger. His intangibles make him an attractive prospect for teams looking for a developmental player.

He needs to work on his deep ball accuracy, protecting himself and his decision making. He can’t settle for short routes and needs to work on not giving away where he’s going with the ball to opposing defenses.

Still, with a 30-16 career record and traits that a lot of teams can work with (deep ball, mobility), he’s going to get a chance in the league. It will not come any higher than the fourth round, but his name will get called.


Fourth round to seventh round


Strong runner and accurate underneath are ideal for a short yardage QB.  Leadership and will to win are great attributes to have in the locker room.  "Takes too many hits as a runner. When running upfield (not on QB power), instead of sliding, he’ll try and for extra yards by taking on contact." <- this becomes a positive when being used in the Taysom Hill role.


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