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response to "Twenty Things..." article


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  • If we’re being honest, Josh Johnson would be a better QB2 than any of the other QB’s on the roster at this point.
    • Why wouldn't we be honest? Strange way to start that thought
  • Blake Cashman stayed healthy and his versatility probably locks him in to a roster spot.
    • I have been watching this guy for, what, 3 years now. I haven't seen him do anything remotely impactful
    • And he's always injured. I think this is someone the Johnson's owe a favor to.
  • Chris Herndon failed to win the starting job, but is still a better all-around player than anyone behind him on the roster.  He and Tyler Kroft could form a nice 1-2 punch.
    • Here's the thing, the Jets have like a million REAL wide receivers. They don't really need a WR/TE, they need TEs,
    • so SEE YA Chris Herndon
  • Vyncint Smith probably makes this roster and will presumably share time with Denzel Mims for the foreseeable future.
    • in my world Crowder is toast
    • Berrios and Smith are credible replacements, in the slot (Berrios) and on Special teams (Smith and Berrios)
  • Jabari Zuniga was invisible, which can’t possibly make Joe Douglas a very happy man.
    • Too bad about the injuries up front.
    • But maybe this is what we have: a decent offense and a less than decent defense. I'll take that, for now...
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Hes being honest because its sad that an old nobody is better thsn 2 young prospects combined

Herndon and zuniga are awful and need to be cut asap. Not even practice squad, just cut

imo, smith crowder berios are all about the same. All will do nothing all can make plays but there isnt much of a differenceberrios the edgefor st play though

agree 100% on cashman. Wait cashman who?

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I think Crowder is still a more reliable guy in the slot.  Game on the line, I'm throwing to Crowder before Berrios.

V. Smith is a different cat.  He's really more like Mims.  Fast, tall, outside guy.  If you meant Jeff Smith, I would have said he hasn't stood out until last night.  Those Jet Sweeps were money.  I'd try to find a way to keep him around just for those.

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