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Jameson Williams Seems to Have Been Forgotten


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3 hours ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

I completely disagree. If this guy is the real deal, you take him. I'm not even saying that he is, but you would draft Ja'Marr Chase with a number one if it meant that you couldn't start him until 2023. 

This is not an argument for or against drafting Jameson Williams, but there are times when you draft a player who won't play until the following year, and this might be one of those years. We have FOUR picks in the top 40. I would think of it as a trade. This year's one for next year's one. 

For the record, I wouldn't take him at 10, but I would be ok with a trade down to take him at 20 or later with the assumption that the trade down nets us a 2nd rounder this year. I would also be cool with trading back into the first round. 

IF you KNEW he was going to be Jamar Chase then I can see that argument, but we dont know that.  We dont even know his 40 time.

He had a great year, but had to transfer from Ohio State,  where Wilson and Olave were, to Alabama to get playing time.  Does it make you hesitate taking him knowing that he couldnt beat out either guy or force them to run three WR sets. 

He is fast, but so was Henry Ruggs and where is he now?  Williams also is said to have a limited route tree, kind of like Mims.  Im not a fan of him for what we are trying to do but someone will take him and hope he can play the part of Tyreek Hill on their team.  Wilson and Olave are both fast and run more polished routes-they will be available to learn the plays during training camp and should be able to help the team from the start.  And they dont have reconstructed knees-did you see what happened to Odell's repaired knee during the Super Bowl?

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