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Here Mock Draft You Might Like ?


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That would be one of the best drafts the Jets could end up happening. Too bad we won't find half of those guys that far into the draft.

I could see Leinart being there at 4, only if Floyd Reese shows some authority with the third selection and chooses Young.

Carpenter is possible at 29, especially since his injury caused him to not work out at the Senior Bowl and Combine.

Mcneill's back could cause him to drop. But to 35? I dunno. If anything, Whitworth/Jonathan Scott could be solid picks there. I'd still want us to sign Pearson, for depth. OT shouldn't be a glaring need, as it is now.

Wright is a stretch here. I see him going in round 2. He would fit good in our 34 though, as an end.

Eslinger is a nice choice at 97. Groom him under Teague, and start him eventually.

I don't feel like commenting much on the rest of the picks, but I like Blackmon and Smith. Robinson is a possibility, but I don't see us taking him. I don't know much about Salley, so I cannot comment.

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