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What about RAC?


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What is more probable?

A punt return TD.


A wide receiver getting hit by two players falling on top of one and not having his knee hitting the ground getting up and scoring a TD.


A wide receiver making one of the better Ds in the league look ridiculous.

You and I know the answer is the first one.

I think it's the third. If you take a lot of shots, it's only a matter of time before you get a big play. That's why you don't really expect a defense, no matter how good it is, to shut down every single offense they face. It's just unheard of no matter how good you are to have all shutouts. The Bears have an easy schedule the rest of the way, but I don't think anyone is going to say no WR is going to get a huge play on them. Meanwhile, you can go years without giving up a punt return/kickoff return for a TD.

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Coles, he makes 127 Pats defenders miss tackles, and scores a TD.

you said it, he made them miss which requires skill, especially against your top flight Pats D. Still don't see fluke on that TD

See my above post.

I give Coles all the credit in the world for that great play, he made the Pats miss tackles.

Want to discuss the Cotchery TD?;)

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Yet another thread wasted and hijacked by the loveable trolls....

Let's make like poor hapless mothers of errant children. No matter how much we try to teach them grace and good manners as guests at other people's tables, they still can't resist eating with their hands. After they've pooed. And didn't wash their hands.

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