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A Raider Fan's thoughts on their TE situation....


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Hmmm..A weakarmed Gannon..This should make Penny

Jolly with Jolley!! =D>


Fri Mar-18-05 05:05 PM

Courtney anderson 6'7 270 is Raiders best allround TE

He actually won the starting job in training camp but was hurt early in season.

2. Teyo Johnson if he can improve his blocking would be even better than C Anderson

One of these two Te's will explode next year, pick them up if you play fantasy football.

3Doug Jolley blocking has improved alot but he just dosen't have the same potential as those two. Also he was a great fit with with weak arm Gannon(his numbers have dropped since gannon been injured)

The other two TE'S(C Anderson and T Johnson) seem to be more favorite to Collins than Jolley.

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