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Yankee fans out for blood???


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Not unless fat steinbrenner fires Don Mattingly and re-hires Don Zimmer as bench coach will you even have SOMEBODY in pinstripes with the b@lls to even do anything! You all know this is true! You know the Yankees have been GUTLESS for the past 7 years.

Gone are the days of Paul O'neil.

98 year-old Don Zimmer, to his credit, was the only one who went after Pedro when he threw at the head of Karim Garcia in 2003. Yup, he was the only one! Captain Jeter? Nowhere to be found. Juicin' Jason Giambi*, with all of his toughguy tattoos and greasy mullet? Nowhere to be found. Perrenial loudmouth Jorge Posada? Yup, you guessed it...etc...

You guys have been pathetically railing against the Yankees for not hitting David Ortiz for years! You dont realize 3 things here:

1. Which ever overpaid, underachieivng Yankee hits him HAS TO DEAL WITH HIM...and Ortiz would break any one of your little pitchers in half.

2. Dice-K wasnt trying to hit A-rod or Jeter.

3. The best revenge = making the pitcher pay, as Dice-K did when he spotted NYY a 2-run advantage.

I understand that many of you have a pro wrestling mentality...but I've seen plenty of "Im protecting my teammates" BS get dual warnings to both dugouts, then I've seen pitchers ejected AND FINED presumably for trying to throw inside, for inadvertantly hitting the batter. Its retarded to even think like that if you care at all about your team winning.

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....with the pitching staff on the DL.....your beloved Sux got pounded on all 3 games.

Yep...no reason the Sox shouldn't have swept that series. Their $100 million dollar superman looked a bit like Clark Kent. 7 IP and 6 ER against the first quality team he's faced. I still think the guy can bring it, but he didn't show much tonight. This is probably as good as I could possibly feel after being swept by the Sox. Just knowing that if the Yanks had their top three going they probably take two of three. I doubt the Sox starting pitching will continue to be as bad against far weaker opponents but it was nice to see the Yanks string together three games where their starters looked average at best.

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