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ATTN: Greengal...PBC teachers overpaid


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Glitch overpaid school workers


By Christina Denardo

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When biology teacher James Howell opened his paycheck last week, he found something odd: a bill.

The letter informed Howell that PeopleSoft, the $18 million software program that has caused myriad problems for the Palm Beach County School District, had overpaid him by $3,000 since the beginning of the school year. It listed three ways he could pay back the money.

"I was shocked," said Howell, who works at John I. Leonard High. "I couldn't believe I was overpaid that much."

But he was - along with about 1,000 others.

So far, the district has identified only 345 employees who collectively were overpaid about $912,000. A few owe less than $20, but more owe hundreds. About 280 workers owe more than $1,000. Twenty-eight owe more than $5,000. One person owes nearly $10,000.

District officials won't address why only a few people came forward to acknowledge overpayment. Instead, they blame themselves for the problems.

"We know this is our mistake, but we have to correct it," said Mike Burke, the district's chief financial officer.

Howell said he is happy officials are taking responsibility for the problem. After he received the letter, he tried to get answers from officials. No one called him back with an explanation, and others tried to blame him, he said.

Burke said he understands employees' frustrations and added that the district is giving employees until December to pay back the money. He doesn't blame employees for not noticing the difference in their paychecks.

"Though others have taken it well and suspected at some point they would have to give it back, you can't assume they knew that," he said.

PeopleSoft software, which many large companies and institutions use, has proved difficult to implement at dozens of school districts and colleges nationwide. Transitions to the system have caused errors in paychecks, financial records and W-2 forms.

The Palm Beach County School District implemented the program in July with the promise of streamlining budgeting, hiring, purchasing and payroll. Immediately, there were problems:

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There is n such thing as an OVERPAID TEACHER that is an oxymoron...and in my opinion like quoted earlier they need to charge it to the company that had the contract to cut the checks...whats happens after december they fire them or forciblly take the money fromthem during the holiiday season...jerks

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