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Why I love Jason Whitlock


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The man is back and calling it like it is


Real Talk: We're back ... and just in time

Jason Whitlock

I'm sorry. I apologize for taking the summer off.

We've missed Real Talk, the column I started over at America Online a year ago, the column that I'm now bringing to a new home here at FOXSports.com, the column that is a mix of sports, entertainment, culture and unbiased, agenda-less opinions.

Man, we need the Real Talk now more than ever. We need a place to aggressively and unapologetically discuss the most controversial and sensitive sports topics of the day.

For those of you unfamiliar with Real Talk, let me give you a quick primer on its history and points of emphasis:

1. Real Talk is a must-read for any hardcore football fan. No one in America writes more provocatively and intelligently about football than yours truly. Football is in my blood.

2. If you have a closed mind or agenda when it comes to American race issues, you will not like Real Talk. I love to write about race. It's a pervasive issue in the sports world and should not be ignored. My opinions on racial matters are unpredictable. Black or white, liberal or conservative, you should leave your expectations at the door. I'll disappoint you.

3. The AOL version of Real Talk gained national notoriety when I exposed NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas for being the gangsta paradise, Black KKK rally that it was. Real Talk became a world-wide playa when I dissed Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Vivian Stringer for turning Don Imus' inappropriate attempt at humor into a national pity party/recruiting video/marketing tool for their individual cause$.

So it only makes sense to start Real Talk's resurrection from exactly where it left off.

We learned Wednesday that one of Nelson Womandela's Rutgers basketball players

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