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Vicks' lawyers should muzzle him- PFT

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Falcons quarterback (hey, until they cut him, he's a member of the team) Mike Vick spoke to the media for more than four minutes on Monday. He spoke without emotion and, more importantly, without notes. He reiterated his admission to dog fighting, and acknowledged that he had done wrong.

But Vick is still facing possible criminal prosecutions in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for dog fighting. Though the statement of facts that Vick signed on Thursday likely gives competent prosecutors enough ammo to put him away, anything else Vick says can and will be used against him, and could make getting multiple convictions easier.

The fact that Vick's legal team allowed him to speak extemporaneously (thanks, Tiki) without a single note or quote is amazing to us. The man is in dire legal jeopardy in a total of four jurisdictions; nothing good can come out of saying anything publicly for now.

Meanwhile, we have to take serious issue with Vick's contention that his behavior was "immature." My kid is "immature," but he's not about to hang or drown dogs. The only "immature" folks who engage in such behaviors are persons who "mature" into serial killers.

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It sounds like he "accepts responsibility" for what he did, and its pretty clear he isnt going to contest any of the charges anywhere. So, hes throwing himself on the mercy of the court of public opinion, for better or worse.

He hit the points he needed to in order to do that, took no questions, and will disappear from view now.

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