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Revis' shrinking deal

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By the time that six regular-season games are played each year, plenty of first-round rookies have begun to satisfy the trigger for the so-called "falling off of the log" bonus.

The "log" bonus is a reference to a payment based on the player achieving the minimum playing time set forth in the CBA for such devices. For rookies, the threshold is 35 percent of the snaps. For second-year players and beyond, it's 45 percent.

We're reminded of this because: (1) a league source mentioned it earlier this week (and I forgot to write something about it); and (2) Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News uses the fact that Jets rookie Darrelle Revis has met the minimum to take a gratuitous shot (in our opinion) at the organization.

Cimini regurgitates old news by saying that "the Daily News has learned" that the Revis contract has shrunk from six years to four. It was widely reported that the Revis deal would reduce from six seasons to four upon the achievement of the 35-percent minimum playing time, and that the Jets can eventually buy back years five and six.

Though Cimini claims that "it will be a major setback, financially and otherwise, if the Jets are wrong about Revis," the truth is that the Jets actually have greater protection against Revis being a washout. The problem arises if they think he's good enough to keep, but not good enough to merit the money that will be required to buy back years five and six.

The other problem with the deal is that every other team that picks between No. 16 and, say, No. 5 in round one will now have to deal with agents who want to do six-year deals that void to four based on the "log" limit, with steep buy-back provisions for years five and six.

Regardless, the Revis deal was destined to shrink to four years, and the information to that effect has been available ever since he signed the contract. The fact that Revis has met the requirement for doing so is the only new development, and any criticism of the team based on this event is either late, or premature.


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Given the position he plays it was a tremendous long shot, or a damn near impossibility for Revis to unseat a starter and log 35% of the plays in this his rookie year. Double that in spades when you consider the extreme latelness of the signing. As it was written that provison seemed to equate to "If an when Darrelle Revis win a starting job". Such an outcome would mean that he had arrived a player.

Darrelle Revis did not as much win a starting job as the starting landed upon him when players in front of him went down with injury. A bit short sighted on the part of the Jets since the provision has been triggered in a way that does not mean what the front office thought it would mean.

Let's hope he is the player most of us think he will be.

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Revis is and will be the player we think he is. It's kinda hard to be seen as a "good" player when your one of the only good players on your side of the ball. He is also in a "trial by fire" situation. Yes he is a first rounder but there is a huge difference between college and professional football, which he is doing a very good job at adapting too in my opinion. He is a young player and will only get better unless he get hurt (knocks on wood).

Yes he had some costly penalties but that comes with the position he is playing. You can't expect to cover a guy tight when you don't know which route he is going to run without bumbing him a little. Revis is a playmaker, we just havn't seen is full ability yet, wait and see he will have a break out game soon.

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