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AFC Wildcard Race


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I watched Jacksonville yesterday and they were very impressive. They were my SB pick pre-season and IMO they will be a team no one wants to play in the playoffs. They will be without Mike Peterson for a while which is huge but i believe he may be back for the Playoffs. Garrard is good and I mean very good and he has the best RB tandem in the league backing him up. IMO they would have beaten Indy ahd they not have lost Garrard for the game and I think they could still win that division.

The other team IMO will be Cleveland, they have a cake schedule from here on.

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We've got

7-3 Jaguars

6-3 Titans

6-4 Brownies

5-5 Bills

I say Jacksonville and Cleveland make it

geeeeez... what about us? :roll: i say we run the table... jags lose 6 titans win one... and brownies win 3 more... and bills collapse...

so us and cleveland


a girl can dream, cant she? ;)

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If we beat Dallas Thursday, win all the games up to the Pats game, we have a real chance

since we have got to play Cleveland, Tenn, and K.City. It's not impossible but more like improbable.

But thinking about finishing at 8-8 makes me think if that happens, then why not a 6th seed in the playoffs....at this point in time anything that can happen will......

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