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Can Gints cover a 14.5 spread


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in a pool for some big coin

i have battled back from the dead and won the last 2 weeks.. am now

very close to top 5 with big payouts

i have no clue on this game, not sure if coughlin will play and i have a hard time rooting for pukes... deniro is deniro though


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bill simmons sucks at picks- he went with Patsies

His wife is at 59% and went with Gints

I will go with her... BTW she knows nothing about football and has watched

narely 3 minutes of it all year

Yet the last 2 years is over 55%

I will go with her

besides i can stand watching this patriot luv, kind of like a season long flubug

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if coughlin was smart he would have osi and strahan hit brady all night

if he any any aspirations of winning SB, the 1st step would be to take out

cindy.. legally of course!!;);)

i was thinking in a similar manner. Although, the giants have as good a chance as the jets do at winning the SB this year.

If Coughlin was a thinker, he'd go all out to win this game, because the 2007 Giants will be forgoten after their first round exit. May as well make some history in breaking up a perfect season.

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