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Jets news and other football articles- 7/21/08

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Burning questions in the NFL

By Bob Glauber Newsday

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Will the Super Bowl championship go to the Giants' heads?

Repeating as Super Bowl champs is one of the toughest feats in sports; it has been done just eight times before. The Giants do look good on paper, even with the retirement of Michael Strahan, although they'll have some new faces defensively. It is awfully tough to repeat in this league, and the Cowboys and Eagles remain viable threats. But I will not write off the Giants until I see definitive proof that they've taken a step back from last season. Barring key injuries, this is a serious Super Bowl contender.

Can the Jets buy their way to the playoffs?

Calvin Pace. Kris Jenkins. Alan Faneca. Damien Woody. If he was a warm body with a high price tag, chances are the Jets scarfed him up during the offseason. We've seen these attempts to buy better football teams before -- Dan Snyder's Washington Redskins year after year, for instance. Even if the big-name acquisitions upgrade their positions, this season might still come down to whether Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens can upgrade the most important position of all.

Is Brett Favre coming back?

Only Greta Van Susteren knows for sure, but it certainly appears old No. 4 will resurface somewhere -- preferably in the AFC or CFL, as far as the Packers are concerned. Rarely outside of boxing have so many been so right to be skeptical of a retirement announcement. Let's hope Favre knows what he is doing. We've seen too many times when great athletes just did not know when to say when. The saga will cast a shadow over Green Bay until there is a final resolution. Good luck in training camp, Aaron Rodgers.

Can the Patriots recover from the Spygate/Super Bowl double whammy?

It was one of the most tumultuous seasons in recent memory, and the Patriots nearly pulled off the ultimate accomplishment. Week 1, they got caught taping the Jets' defensive signals. And after an unprecedented 18 straight wins, they were only seconds away from becoming only the second unbeaten team in history. Now we'll see if their devastating loss to the Giants in the final seconds of Super XLII will have a hangover effect. Don't hold your breath. The quarterback is still in his prime, and so is the coach, despite the controversy. The Patriots aren't going anywhere.

Are the Cowboys ready to win it all?

They came up small in the playoffs against the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants, but this is still a very capable team that could make a run in '08. Tony Romo is a talented, resourceful quarterback. Terrell Owens still has the juice. The defense is elite. But this is a very volatile mix that Jerry Jones has concocted in Big D, especially with the addition of Pacman Jones. The potential for locker room wackiness is huge, although we suspect JJ rather enjoys it when controversy swirls around his team. Rest assured, there will be plenty of it with this roster. Plenty of wins, too.

Will Bill Parcells turn the Dolphins around?

The short answer is yes.

It's just a matter of how long it'll take. Parcells has turned the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys into playoff teams, and there's no reason it won't happen in Miami now that he's the head honcho of football operations. But his rebuilding project won't happen overnight, not without an experienced quarterback and a once-stout defense that is in transition.

Will Al Davis' spending spree pay off?

Davis gave out insane money to Gibril Wilson, Javon Walker and Tommy Kelly, and he drafted Darren McFadden in the first round. Will it be enough to turn the Raiders back into a respectable team? Ask JaMarcus Russell, because he's the guy who will determine whether this team is any good. The second-year quarterback did nothing as a rookie, largely because of a lengthy contract holdout. But if he can show even marginal effectiveness in his first full year as a starter, then maybe this team will finally get interesting.

Will Chad Johnson behave himself?

If you know the answer to this, then please call Marvin Lewis. The Bengals' coach needs to know if he can count on his talented wide receiver. Or if Johnson will continue the kind of outlandish behavior that has made him a locker room pariah. Lewis drew a line in the sand by daring Johnson not to show up because the team wouldn't trade him. He did show for minicamp, and is expected in training camp. Now we'll see if he can act like a grown-up.

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How The NY Giants Are Pricing Out True Blue Fans

Personal Seat Licenses are too too expensive for many Giant season-ticket holders. They will not be able to afford to keep their tickets once the Giants move into the new stadium in 2010.

by John Fennelly (Senior Writer)

July 20, 2008

The best thing a football franchise can do for their fan base is build a state-of-the-art stadium with all the modern-day amenities and accommodations.

It is also the worst thing they can do.

The New York Giants have teamed with the New York Jets to build such a stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands, which will open in 2010.

Initially, Giant fans were thrilled at the news and the idea that they would be getting a football mecca of their own, one that promises to be better than any building currently in use by any NFL team.Unfortunately, many of those ticket holders will not be able to renew their tickets at the new stadium. The team has instituted a personal seat license policy for all ticket holders. It is a one-time fee of anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000 per ticket. Fans in the lower tiers will pay the highest.

Many season ticket holders will be forced to reduce the number of seats they have and others will just cancel their accounts outright due to the outrageous cost.

I personally know many season ticket holders who have lower tier seats. For some of them, who have four seats, the season currently costs them roughly $!,000 per seat. Under the new plan their tickets will now cost them $80,000 just to retain their lower tier status, plus the price pf the tickets.

To add insult to injury, ticket prices in the new stadium will rise by approximately 50%

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Media & Entertainment


Kerry 'Hollywood' Rhodes Presents His Celebrity Charity Weekend to Benefit the Kerry RHODES Foundation

Kerry RHODES Foundation flyer

2008-07-18 10:17:15 -

New York, NY (Ideal PR) July 16, 2008 - New York will welcome the NFL's elite, recording artists, actors, actresses radio personalities and other VIP guests in the name of fundraising for New York Jets star safety Kerry Rhodes. Kerry will host his 2nd Annual RHODES Foundation Celebrity Basketball Game and Weekend, July 18 & July 19, 2007 in New

York, NY after a fabulous kick off last year in his hometown of Bessemer, AL.

The weekend's festivities include the Kerry RHODES Foundation Charity Dinner, The RHODES Foundation 2nd Annual Celebrity Basketball Game & Kerry will be celebrating his Birthday at The FINALE & Birthday Soiree'

Celebrities Expected: Day 26, Anthony Mackie, DJ Clue, Braylon Edwards (Cleveland Browns), Melody Thornton (*****cat Dolls), Egypt, Teyana Taylor, Jeff Johnson (BET), Ed Lover, Charlemagne (Wendy Williams Show), Rueben Droughns (NY Giants), Antoine Harris (Atlanta Falcons), Chad Johnson (New England Patriots), Michael K Williams (The Wire), Tobias Truvillion (One Life To Live), Brandon Jacobs (NY Giants), Jonathan Vilma (New Orleans Saints), Swizz Beatz, Darrell Revis (NY Jets), Abe Elam (NY Jets), Jerricho Cotchery (NY Jets), Laurie Ann Gibson, Aleesha Renee (BET), Charlie Baltimore among others. The game will take place at City College Holman Gymnasium, 137th St & Convent Ave | New York, NY.

Schedule of Events:

 Friday 7/18 | 8:00pm Charity Dinner | Private NYC Location | Location given upon RSVP Approval

 Saturday 7/19 | 4:00pm Celebrity Basketball Game | City College | $25

 Saturday 7/19 | 10:00pm Celebrity Game FINALE & Birthday Soiree' | Hawaiian Tropic Zone | HTZ |

Kerry Rhodes established The RHODES Foundation in 2006 to address the Reaffirming Hopes Of Dream Endearing Scholars living in America's impoverished neighborhoods. The mission of the foundation is to support the educational and financial advancement of young people in under-served high schools nationwide. The proceeds from this weekend will raise funds for the RHODES Foundation initiatives and scholarships.

For media access, ticket inquiries, VIP Packages or any other information regarding the weekend's events, please contact Ideal PR at (301) 772-3414 or email VP@IdealPR.com.

For Media Credential Approval Please Contact:

Ideal PR

Tamiko Thomas




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Still set on leading Jets

Pennington not ready to hand off to Clemens

By Mike Reiss, Globe Staff | July 20, 2008

When his playing career is over, Chad Pennington isn't planning to put his journalism degree from Marshall University to good use. He might consider coaching high school football - he's a "Friday Night Lights" guy - and the way he worked the room at Randy Moss's recent charity golf tournament in Charleston, W.Va., a career in politics seems like a natural fit, too.

But for now, Pennington has more pressing concerns, first and foremost saving his job as starting quarterback with the New York Jets.

Spend a few minutes chatting up Pennington and it's easy to appreciate how he's approaching this latest chapter in his career.

At 32, he's smart enough to realize that if the plans of general manager Mike Tannenbaum and coach Eric Mangini unfold as they hope, Pennington will be watching from the sideline this season, replaced by 2006 second-round draft pick Kellen Clemens.

While the Jets have termed the Pennington/Clemens competition open - the team split first-team repetitions 50-50 in the offseason - Pennington knows that "even" won't be good enough to retain the job. He'll need to outperform Clemens, a player the Jets obviously want to see succeed after selecting him as the quarterback of the future (49th overall).

"Competition isn't anything new for me, and this is one of those things that Coach Mangini feels is necessary, so I have to react accordingly and react like a professional should," Pennington said, pointing out that he was in a similar situation in 2006 with Patrick Ramsey, Brooks Bollinger, and Clemens. "It's certainly competitive, it's intense, but at the same time it's professional."

Pennington feels he's had one of his best offseasons. He said he underwent a thorough self-analysis and breakdown of his mechanics in hopes of gaining more consistency with his passing velocity, which has long been a knock on his game. He added that his throwing shoulder, also a frequent topic of discussion since he underwent multiple surgeries before winning the Comeback Player of the Year award in 2006, feels strong.

Primarily because he's gone wire to wire as a starter only once in his career, arm strength and durability often dominate the discussion when it comes to Pennington. Yet not to be overlooked is his intelligence, accuracy (65.6 percent career passer), and command of the huddle, three other key attributes for any signal-caller.

Pennington's leadership is also evident in how he has interacted with Clemens, avoiding the awkwardness that can come when two players are competing for one high-profile job.

"It can be a distraction and tough to deal with if you don't know how to handle it as professionals," Pennington said. "With me being the veteran, I feel like I have to set the example. You can't let the criticisms or the comparisons get between our relationship, while at the same time I have to do everything I can to better myself.

"If Kellen asks me a question or wants to know my opinion on something, I'm truthful with him and give him the best opinion I can. That's what professionalism is all about. My goal is to never fall into immature games where you're getting emotional about it and not handling the situation right. I always try to be a professional and you let the chips fall where they may."

One aspect potentially working in Pennington's favor is the Jets' aggressive offseason approach.

While recent history indicates that teams can flirt with trouble by spending big money on the 30-year-old circuit in free agency and in trade acquisitions, the Jets opened the vault to beef up at the line of scrimmage with perennial Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca (31), right tackle Damien Woody (30), and nose tackle Kris Jenkins (29 in August).

In that case, is the team willing to live with some of the on-the-job growing pains that would inevitably come with Clemens under center? Or is Pennington, a proven leader and the centerpiece of the all-important communication that must take place on the field, the better match?

The Jets have their first training camp practice Thursday, which will mark the first step in providing some answers.

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