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Leon Washington Is the New York Jets' Go-To Guy

Leon Washington has been one of the Jets' most explosive offensive weapons for the last few seasons. Angel Navedo reminds fans that they have something to be proud of with the young back.

me_small.jpg by Angel Navedo (Analyst)

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July 30, 2008

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This is the appropriate moment to shift everyone's focus to Leon Washington. He may be the no. 2 running back, behind Thomas Jones, but the skill-set Washington brings to the table contains a massive arsenal, for which teams must be prepared.

Selected in the fourth round of the 2006 draft, Leon Washington is one of the best things to come out of the Herman Edwards era. That's not because Edwards is responsible for drafting him, but because Washington was selected with the pick the Jets received as compensation for Edwards from Kansas City.

The 5'8", 202-pound running back out of Florida State was an absolute steal. His draft stock had fallen because of an injury sustained during his senior year. He also missed his sophomore season, declining to play football so he could help support his family.

His collegiate career was still impressive enough to the Jets' staff. Since arriving to the team, Washington has emerged as the Jets' absolute and undeniable offensive threat.

Washington is the one man on the offense with the potential to change the pace of a game with his explosive play. He can scamper around a defense for a first down on a toss play, or he can slide between the cracks of a defense while running the ball up the middle. His style is quick and fearless.

He emerged as a special-teams threat last season, in place of an injured Justin Miller, tying a team record with three touchdowns on kickoff returns. But he's also become known among fans as a player that makes the most out of his opportunities.

He can take advantage of blocks, but his speed and agility allow him to create his own opportunities, as evidenced http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxe_0_J6iCs.

Take note of the Dolphin fan screaming, "No!" in the video.

Fans should expect Washington to be the cause of such reactions more often this season. He has plenty of methods to put points on the board, or at the very least, put the team in a position to add points to the total.

The steady progression Washington has displayed has led many to believe that he is capable of being a featured back for the New York Jets, sooner rather than later. His offseason conditioning has provided remarkable results, as Washington is now known to bench press 355 pounds and squat 525 pounds.

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