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Where are the season tickets?


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What the Jets are still struggling with the wording for the PSLs?

No matter what the wording is, if you use your Ovaltine decoder ring it reads as follows:

Dear Valued Member of the Jets family:

We are excited to demand that you bend over and pay for our new stadium and then brace yourself as we then proceed to jam the unlubricated phallus* of exorbitant ticket prices into your lower intestine. Hopefully you have some cash left over to pay for expensive parking, $12 beers and $60 t-shirts. We are also excited to introduce our new pay toilets to enhance your game day experience. Please remit your balance due within 30 days or your tickets will be revoked (convenient 21.6% financing available).

Thanks again for your many years of loyal support,


* Potential marketing tie in for Johnson & Johnson KY Jelly

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Just got mine today. When looking at the parking map, it just seems funny looking at the site of the NEW Giants training facility right in the parking lot. How far away is Florham Park from the NEW Giants Stadium, I mean Jets / Giants Stadium. Not within walking distance I presume. Jay Cross and Woody sure are tough negotiators.

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